Laboratorium i pracownia elektroniczna


We provide full customer support already at the idea stage. We will specify technological and economical realities of the product realization. We will find alternatives.


Our engineers will design a modern electronic components. They create an optimal and efficient software. Will design enclosure and other necessary mechanical parts. They will build and test complete prototype of target equipment.


We have technical background and machines that allows us for mass production of designed devices. We will assemble, program and test electronic parts. We do the necessary calibrations and configurations


We offer quick realization and support. Take care about highest level of quality and reliability of manufactured equipment. You will receive the finished product created from your ideas.

We design and manufacture electronic equipment

Elfin is a small company established in 1995, dedicated to provide design, prototyping and manufacturing of highly specialized electronic instruments. We are focused on developing measurement equipment for scientific purposes with advanced processing of analog and digital signals. Our team consists of experienced engineers and specialists being passionates of their domains. We do our best to follow the evolution of technology and make use of the most recent technologic solutions, what makes our products usable for a long time after being designed.

Main areas of our activity

  • Design and manufacturing of scientific electronic instruments or their parts
  • Design and manufacturing of measurement and test equipment
  • On-demand design of advanced electronic appliances

We consider at least

  • Device specifications
  • Achieving metrological and reliability requirements
  • Final cost of product

We possess broad experience in analog handling of small signals. In most cases the procedure consists of switching from physical to an electrical quantity and then preparing the signal for analog-to-digital conversion. We are acquainted with a wide range of analog-to-digital conversion methods and coverter types. Whole process is always designed to result with the best performance of final product.